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My name is Emelie, an IT geek from Cebu City Philippines.
Contact me at emelieanggoy@gmail.com

- Internet is my life. 
- Sushi and fresh lumpia are my favorites to chew.
- How beautiful yellow is?! It stands for the sun; reminding me to shine brightly.
- Queen of this virtual sphere that is born on May.
Single (not anymore, I got my own Taylor) and in love with him, my computer and phone. It is getting pretty serious, yay. And oh, I am busy building my empire (with him in me). <3
- Complicated footwear adds up style to my not-so-complicated life. Yes to anything strappy!
- Emotional some days; emotionless some other days.
- Super friendly inside; looks intimidating outside.
- I've got beautiful mess you wish to have, haha!
- Torn between believing that I am nothing but an ordinary person and believing that I am everything special. Yeah, I am emo sometimes.
- Always looking forward for improvement both personally and professionally one day at a time.
- A proud Certified Cyber Security Sentinel :)
- Dreamer! (Yes, during sleep. Lol, joke.)

- OPTUM, IT Security (current main role)
- CROFTi and UIT, IT Engineer
- Emelie Empire, Founder / Owner
- Cebu Content Creators  #TatakC3, Content Writer and Blogger
- ATOS, IT Security
- Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu, Program Manager / Core Team
- Passerelles Numeriques , V-President Alumni and pioneer scholar
- Cebu Blogging Community (CBC), Writer / Blogger
- High Intensity Bloggers (HIBs), Blogger
- TEDxCebu, Volunteer
- SurveySampling International, IT
- LEAR Corporation, IT
- SoftwareSaiyan, Programmer
- Children of Asia, Instructor