Journal 1: Thank you 2018!

By: emelieempire on Sunday, January 6, 2019 | 0

2018, you were amazing! I am so grateful.
A big Thank You for all the life lessons and opportunities. 

You let me experience what it was like to be a friend, a colleague, a lover and an independent woman. Random challenges were what you had prepared for me along my path. Some were easy while some were hard. They all helped me become a better version of who I am. You made me feel about people and what various characteristics there were in general. You threw rocks on me, some hit me hard, some did not and by then, I knew the ways on how to guard myself from those. From you, I learned so much about myself and my limits. You offered me bounty of life lessons that I could carry throughout my life journey. You taught me to see my failures as part of something great on what was ahead for me. I saw my limitless potential that I never I knew I had before.  You stretched my comfort zone by forcing me to confront my fear instead of running away. You tested my resilience, my persistence, and my determination to live truly and authentically and I was so glad that I rise above the challenges and be myself.

Thank You for the great relationship.

I used to associate endings with regrets, fear and loss of something good I had once. I was drowned to the idea of broken pieces of hearts, things and my whole self. My young self thought it would not get better. In reality, it would get better. Things improve overtime and everything would be whole again. You helped me realized more that for every hard goodbye, a fresh new beginning was waiting and very excited for me. Though far geographically, a loving man was there for me all throughout your 365 days. He did not miss a single day of making me feel he was just there for me, laughed with me and planned the future together with me. When I was happy, he was happy for me, too. How did I get so lucky?

Thank You for the good health and my family.

You taught me that health is wealth. I used to sleep for only four hours before but you helped me change that habit into at least 7 hours or more. Change may be shocking and painful but often necessary. My life is mine. I am responsible for myself and living and expressing my most beautiful dreams. I could not fulfill my desires if I was sickly. I knew the hype of technology would left me awake all night long if I gave in to myself's wants. Thanks for making me do something that matters to me.
Family is a home I could always go back when things fallback. I am beyond blessed for their support and advises. 

Thank You 2018 for the sweet victories and challenging trials. You made me a better version of myself now.

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