Such a Lovely Day in Bali

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I love Bali!
Although it is on my bucket list, travelling outside the Philippines is not really my priority unless there is really a need to do so because of the fact that I am hooked at work and other activities in my place. I am also an economical type of person that does not want to toss money around because I know how hard it is to earn it. I like saving my extra pesos for future uses and for my expensive list of wished items. Travelling can be very expensive especially the airfare and place accommodations. If you don’t want your pocket to get empty then this might not be a good option for you. Although it is like that, travelling to other places or at least to one country annually surely offers lots of good things for your life. It is kind of addictive. For most people, it fulfills their souls, curiosity and inner desires. A person is not destined to stay in one place forever and ever. 

A lot of my friends travel from places to places and countries to countries.  As for me, I have traveled to several islands here in the Philippines and to one country abroad – Bali Indonesia! I was with a few friends on that trip and it was one of my most unforgettable adventures. I have learned more of myself on that trip. I can talk for hours about what were my days like when I was in Bali, but for now, let me just share about a very lovely day I had in Bali that I will never forget. I will be writing more posts about my Bali trip so stay tuned.

Very Good Sleep in a Beautiful Place

Through Airbnb, we booked ahead a place that we could stay and sleep. We chose VillaVictoria. It costed us more than five thousand pesos per night. Since we were five friends, it was just affordable to us because we divided it. The place was very beautiful. It resembled a mini jungle in the middle of the city because of the many flowers and plants. Even the bathroom had wild plants!

After eating my dinner the night before, I went straight to the bedroom to nap for 10 minutes. I planned to take a shower, clean myself and brush my teeth after that 10 minutes that I've set in my mind. The bedroom was very cool and cozy. It was pure white all over and there were kalachuchi flowers scattered around – on the floor and on the bed. Smelled so good, ugh! Guess what? I never woke up on that night! Hahaha. My sleep was so deep. I am pretty sure our mountain and temple adventures the day before contributed to my uninterrupted sleep, but the bedroom played a great part as well. And oh, I love the curtains over the bed and the plants at the corners of the room.

Fancy Floating Breakfast

For me, this is one of the many ultimate highlights of that day. My first ever floating breakfast! Yes, I ate breakfast in my swimsuit. I have heard of drinks by the pool and party by the pool but breakfast in the pool sounded like a fantastic idea! Even better! Anybody’s Bali vacation will not be complete without trying their famous floating breakfast. A Floating Breakfast is not just something you do for the ‘gram, its entire existence was created purely for it.

If you are wondering if it is in any way practical, I don’t think so. Our floating breakfast was very expensive. Because of that, we ordered a floating breakfast good for one person only (hahaha). We just added other foods in the floater since we bought foods and other important items in one of the grocery stores the day before. Good thing I was with my four good friends. I liked all the foods, fruits and drinks that we prepared except the Balinese bacon that was included in the floating breakfast meal. I didn’t know if it was just me but I found it’s after taste like rotten clothes soaked in the dirt. Sorry.

Flower Bath

If you haven’t known yet, I really, really like soaking myself in a bubble bath. It is one of my favorite forms of relaxation. It distresses me. After a long day, there is nothing better than soaking in a bubble bath until the stress melts out of my brain. (Plays a slow jam, lights the candles, gets undressed, steps one foot in at a time, lays down and sips wine. Yas, paradise in heaven!) Too bad I don’t have a bath tub in my home. I only got to do this when I have getaways and stay in hotels and resorts.

Good thing I have experienced a bath in Bali! It was not just an ordinary bath but a flower bath. I was with thousands of pink and red flowers. So relaxing! I was so happy.

It was quiet an expensive trip but it was very worth it (dopamine rush)! This travel made me realize to would definitely travel more especially to other countries soon. If you are wondering if I want to travel to Bali again, I am definitely down for it but next time,  I would like it to be with my one and only. 

Journal 1: Thank you 2018!

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2018, you were amazing! I am so grateful.
A big Thank You for all the life lessons and opportunities. 

You let me experience what it was like to be a friend, a colleague, a lover and an independent woman. Random challenges were what you had prepared for me along my path. Some were easy while some were hard. They all helped me become a better version of who I am. You made me feel about people and what various characteristics there were in general. You threw rocks on me, some hit me hard, some did not and by then, I knew the ways on how to guard myself from those. From you, I learned so much about myself and my limits. You offered me bounty of life lessons that I could carry throughout my life journey. You taught me to see my failures as part of something great on what was ahead for me. I saw my limitless potential that I never I knew I had before.  You stretched my comfort zone by forcing me to confront my fear instead of running away. You tested my resilience, my persistence, and my determination to live truly and authentically and I was so glad that I rise above the challenges and be myself.

Thank You for the great relationship.

I used to associate endings with regrets, fear and loss of something good I had once. I was drowned to the idea of broken pieces of hearts, things and my whole self. My young self thought it would not get better. In reality, it would get better. Things improve overtime and everything would be whole again. You helped me realized more that for every hard goodbye, a fresh new beginning was waiting and very excited for me. Though far geographically, a loving man was there for me all throughout your 365 days. He did not miss a single day of making me feel he was just there for me, laughed with me and planned the future together with me. When I was happy, he was happy for me, too. How did I get so lucky?

Thank You for the good health and my family.

You taught me that health is wealth. I used to sleep for only four hours before but you helped me change that habit into at least 7 hours or more. Change may be shocking and painful but often necessary. My life is mine. I am responsible for myself and living and expressing my most beautiful dreams. I could not fulfill my desires if I was sickly. I knew the hype of technology would left me awake all night long if I gave in to myself's wants. Thanks for making me do something that matters to me.
Family is a home I could always go back when things fallback. I am beyond blessed for their support and advises. 

Thank You 2018 for the sweet victories and challenging trials. You made me a better version of myself now.