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HUSSLE. Fail your way to success. The successful person has failed 10 times more than the unsuccessful one. Don't just be a dream girl. Be a dream, girl!
I used to wonder why money exists and why it is so important. Everyone uses it. We all want it, work for it and think about it. Its uses in our society is so established that many of us will go through our lives without questioning why those pieces of colorful coins and thick, sometimes tattered, papers have value. Why do they exist? While the creation and growth of money seems somewhat intangible, without a doubt, money is the way to get things we like and need. 

I am not here to discuss the theories and evolutions of money. The task of defining those belongs to the people who dedicate themselves to the discipline of economics. I am here to share some input about what to do with your money and where you can put it. I am not an expert financial advisor but I hope you can lear a thing or two based on these. I just think that imparting what I learned and experienced would help.  You see, money is a very important material thing on Earth and having an idea on how to properly grow it, use it and safeguard it is a crucial need everyone of us should be aware. 

How to manage funds without sacrificing the fun?
Saving has always been the advice of almost all the people around us. Well, it is true! My parents fed me the idea and importance of saving at an early stage of my life I think even when I was still in my mother’s womb, lol that could be the reason why I am very keen about my money. 

Saving funds in the bank sounds okay but we have to know that it will not grow abundantly. It will just sit there securely. You can of course save it all you like but you might as well consider investing it. I am currently investing some of my money to SunLife Financial and have attended quite a few talk events about managing funds and growing it.

Last Sunday, together with Cebu’s brightest personalities, I was invited to witness another gathering on how one can pursue his/her passion while also enjoying financial freedom in Let’s Have Some FUNds at the Ayala Center Cebu. Kathrynn Dawn S, an architect and Blind Clothing really inspired me. There were also raffle draws with equivalent awesome prizes including investment starter funds worth Php 5,000 and Ayala Cinema movie tickets.

1. Know the means. You must be good at something. Earn from your core gifts and use them with passion. Get paid by doing what you love and what you are good at. Start young, enlarge your skills, expand your network and don’t limit yourself within your territories. 

2. Be a goal digger. One of the best woman to date is the goal digger. (Raises my hand). She has an overview of what her life would be in the coming years and she is taking steps towards it. it will be difficult. But is that surprising? no. Nothing of great achievement comes easy.

3. Know how to manage. Raising your financial I.Q is very important because as what they say, financial ignorance is more expensive than any designer bag. If you are like me who only knows IT stuff, better get a trusted financial adviser. I currently have one and I usually bombard her with questions. She helped me a lot in areas that seem blurry to me.
Look for true mentors and books, avoid bad debt they way you avoid your ex’s ex, protect yourself adequately, automatically save 20% of your income and invest as early as you can.

4. Identify the discerning things. Do not believe in Madonna’s song, “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl.” – NOT! Know what to and what not to spend on. Live within your means. Period. Differentiate asset from liabilities.
Asset – when you buy things that put money in your pocket.
Liability – when you buy things that put money out of your pocket.
Reward yourself accordingly. Enjoy the fruits of your labor but hit your targets first so that you will spend without the guilt right after walking out the mall.
Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.
-Will Rogers

5. Accelerate. Ride something to wealth. Do not be limited with the bank, ride as many vehicles as you can. Earn even while you are sleeping through creating passive income. Since profits are better than wages, make your way to earn exponential income through investing your money with trusted records and reliable financial advisers. You will be amazed on how your money could grow instead of just putting it on the bank. Do not forget to network with people and build bridges.

How about you, what are your own ways of managing your funds while not compromising the fun?

Learning while having fun with Cebu friends.

Let’s Have Some FUNds is presented by Sun Life Financial as part of its celebration of Financial Independence Month this June. After Cebu, the event will also be mounted in Davao and Iloilo. Follow Sun Life (@SunLifePH) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know more. The event is also supported by BAI TV, Cebu Bloggers Society, Cebu Content Creators and Ayala Center Cebu.

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