Fashion Tips for Sinulog 2018

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Pit Senyor! Sinulog is just around the corner. I now sense the joyful and lively vibes in the city brought by the drumbeats beginning to fill the air and festive colors popping everywhere. I know you’ve heard a word or two about this festivity. Maybe you’ve seen it on TV, social media or heard about it from a friend or strangers. Sinulog is known to be the first biggest and grandest festival in the Philippines!

Sinulog is the ritual prayer-dance in honor of the infant child Jesus, the Holy Child of Cebu also known as Señor Santo Niño. He is known to be miraculous. The dance consists of two steps forward and one step backward, done to the sound of drums. Sinulog Grand Parade is the most anticipated part of the event. It is the very exciting and fun highlight that one shouldn't miss. Dancers from all over the country gather and perform their dance interpretations in the street which lasts for 9 to 12 hours attracting millions of viewers all over the world. I still remember my chaotic but fulfilled experiences with this!

As years passed by, Sinulog has grown from purely a dance of faith into a sophisticated festival nowadays. A lot of enthusiastic parties also take place in Cebu during this vibrant season.

In this post, I will name some fashion tips you can pull off during Sinulog festival. Are you guys ready to celebrate? 
1. Styled Sinulog T-shirts
Sinulog T-shirts are just a grab in every mall corner and street stalls. Ditch the common look of cotton shirts and loose blouses. This is the perfect time to opt for a customized t-shirt. What I meant for that is the hand-cut and styled t-shirts then pair it with tattered jeans or denim shorts. Guys and gals can do alike! If you have no time to do this, head to Island Souvenirs in SM City and Ayala Mall and let them do the styling for you at a very small fee.

2. Fancy and festive hats/headdresses
In order to combat the heat while watching the Grand Parade, one must wear a heat protection on our heads - a hat or any headdress. Umbrella is not advisable especially because it is going to be a jam-packed event. When it comes to hats or headdresses, I do not mean the normal hat that most people wear. I mean the colorful and vibrant ones because guess what, we need to blend in! It is a colorful celebration afterall.

3. Henna tattoo
This is my most favorite thing to get during Sinulog. I always make sure I have this. I love art secretly (though art doesn’t love me, lol). I want it to show on my body even at least once a year. Henna tattoos have also been used to adorn women's bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations for centuries. So there is nothing wrong to get this.  Speaking of that, I should go the next day and get this on my arms. So excited!

4. Colorful eyeliners and eyeshadows
These are for ladies. Take a rest from the normal black liners you wear everyday. Wear the bright and colorful ones. Choose the colors that symbolizes your personality. Bright eyes, bright life! Yay.

5. Colorful hairs
No, do not get a  permanent hair color treatment in salons and toss bunch of pesos. Fake colors for your locks on this specific event can be bought in malls and pharmacies at a very affordable price. Plus, they are washable.

6. Bulky earrings
I personally love to wear bulky earrings but I can't do it in the office because I would look like a joke. I sometimes would wear them if I go shopping though a lot of people would look at me and think if this girls is just okay. For some of you who are like me, this is our time to pull these cute stuffs off. Remember to choose the vibrant and colorful ones always.

7. Face paints to spice the look
Sinulog celebration would be incomplete without face paints. This is another thing I always look up to. We can pay a small amount of fee to have an artist stylishly put it on our face that would match our Sinulog outfit. Or if you want to get it free (like me hahaha), head to Baseline street and come out like a wet chick that just finished swimming in a pool of body paints. Your Sinulog t-shirt would look like a canvas of all the mixtures of paints too. The outcome is a beautiful mess . Just the perfect thing I like.

8. Old-school shoes
Sinulog celebration also means lots of walking the streets because there are no vehicles. Roads are closed by authorities and there are road blocks scattered everywhere. Make sure to have your shoes ready. Nope not the brand new one you just recently bought and love the most, but the old one that even if hundreds of people would step onto it, you'd just be okay. See to it that your lovely feet are comfortable and can move freely.

9. Vibrant phone case
Almost all of us love taking pictures. Millennials be like picture here, picture there, picture everywhere. (I am guilty of it.) Put your phone in a waterproof/sweat-proof case in order to avoid getting it wet from all the paint and water wars along the streets.

There you have it! I hope you'll have a memorable Sinulog celebration.

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