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My version of "blogger pose" during  #iLuvCebuInstameet 5.0.
I am currently living in the heart of Cebu province – in Cebu City, a place where all things are possible for a millennial like me. You name it! Learn new courses, attend to one-of-a-kind events and activities, participate in hackathons/technology meetups, grow the network of friendship, build startup businesses and then there is Instameet.

I started living in this place since I was in college and I could still remember my introverted self few years ago.  Afraid to go out from my tiny little shell in order to venture what opportunities could offer; scared to say “hi” to people I met in the hope to gain new friends; reluctant to acquire things and learning needed to be my own kind of unique self now. It’s a little bit funny to think of these but a sigh of relief and gratitude as well thinking that somehow at some point I overcome these. Okay, enough with the drama. Let us go back to “Instameet”. What in the world does it mean and why I am I correlating this to my self-improvement particularly in the friendship aspect of my journey. 

What is Instameet and #iLuvCebuInstameet 5.0?

Instameet is literally an Instagram Meeting by instagrammers. If you have no clue what instagrammers are, these are literally users of Instagram application. In a nutshell, this is an event where people gather in a prearranged place and time to meet new friends, share stories and ideas, take photos and upload it to Instagram of course. That’s it really, growing the network of friendship both offline and online! Plus, you get to meet your favorite Instagrammers that you’ve been Insta-stalking forever.

#iLuvCebuInstameet 5.0 is an instameet specifically organized by Doyzkie of with an aim to give an avenue for everyone especially millennials to meet up and share best social media practices. Held last 15th of October 2017 in The Glass House of Montebello Villa Hotel, it had the theme “We Meet Again” commemorating its fifth anniversary. The said event was supported by the country’s No. 1 Pizza Chain – Greenwich Pizza and Pasta.

Everything Greenwhich :)

What are the activities and what to expect?

1. Meet new faces and gain friends. Making new friends can be intimidating especially when making your way to those that have unapproachable appeal individuals. I’ve been there, kinda scary but the trick is, just be an open-minded individual. If they’ll like you, they’ll respond. If not, then go find another. Let us not complicate things, shall we? Hehe. Nonetheless, I tell you, Instameet participants are very friendly - all of them. I usually instantly become friends with them. That's how feeling close (FC) I am, lol. Instagram influencers grew their network by gaining friends. So be prepared to meet new faces. There is no harm in talking funny and humorous topics along the conversation to spice up the conversation. Just don’t be too personal and keep it unobtrusive.

Unity in diversity, lol. Feeling close na kami agad even if we just meet. :)
2. Learn new ideas and techniques. Ever wondered how instagrammers manage their accounts, how they gain followers and how they curate/beautify their shots? Well, I learned it from this event. Broad number of Cebu influencers as speakers  of the event tackle different areas regarding such topics surely helped. Plus, multiple methods and tools to help us and a whole lot more. Who wouldn't want that? How to properly use Snapseed, VSCO and instagram filters were tackled.

3. Picture here, picture there, picture everywhere. iLuvCebuInstameet 5.0 was a half day of getting reaquainted with previous meets and newer participants. When I arrived at the venue, I could see people scattered everywhere taking photos. Such a good thing because I belong, lol! Well, you actually don’t have to be an amateur in photography when taking photos. Just be creative and unique. Find the best spot you could think of. Show yourself  through your pictures. Luckily, Montebello Villa Hotel, where the event was held, has picture perfect scene in every corner. I grabbed some few  friends and took pictures of each other. Voila! Some of my shots are here:

4. Raffles and prizes. Get a chance to win awesome prices and giveaways offered by the event. We participated in Best Barkada Shot (Group Award) and 5 Most Creative ILuvCebu Instameeter.

5. Good food. The event was sponsored by the country’s No. 1 Pizza Chain – Greenwich Pizza and Pasta. Good food were served. Lucky for us it was saturday which meant "cheat day". Yas!

Lafang :)
6. It's all about promotion. Put yourself in the spotlight. It's yours!

Ako ang dyosa! :)


…because it’s basically about Instagram drama, so why not pull off a unique OOTD (outfit of the day)?

On the bridge of the pond. "I wish there's a bridge I can take towards you." Genern!
I was happy to be one of the participants of iLuvCebuInstameet 5.0. Aside from I ditched my computer at home which basically is my prison, I had the chance to know and talk to awesome instagrammers of Cebu. I had relaxed my mind from the city noise. My blogger friends were also there making the experience extra special.

Blogger friends. She's the thorn among the roses, hahaha.

Love Instagram? Participate in iLuvCebuInstameet!
If you are interested to join the next events, you may follow in their official Facebook page and website.

See you in the next #iLuvCebuInstameet event!

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