Punk Princess at Selina's Beauty Castle

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The look! Bouquet's not mine. Just borrowed it.
Have you heard of a particular salon in Cebu that treats their customers as royalties? I mean like literal “royalties”. I tell you there is! Sharing to you…drumbeats rolling… Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness salon. This salon usually reminds me of my childhood dreams and thoughts. 

When I was a kid, I always wanted to become a princess or a queen, wear colorful fancy gowns, own a golden castle, hold my knight in shining armor's arm and live happily ever after. I used to read fairy tales way back so I couldn't really blame myself for thinking that way, lol. Well, I grew up now; made my own path of life and experienced both the world's sweetness and bitterness at times. It is funny to think now what my aspirations and thoughts were that hilarious. 

When I received an invitation of Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness's opening event, I was intrigued. The curious cat inside my brain just wanted to see the place right away and so I decided to go there. This bloody red, lacy fancy chair in the lobby welcomed my eyes. It was as if calling me to sit on it. There was also a bouquet of flowers on the table next to the chair that time. What other perfect thing to do besides holding it and letting my friend took a picture of me with it? Lol. That was the story of this picture. No, this was not given to me by someone else; I just borrowed it!

I chose to look as if a punk princess during the event. I opted for a cropped gray tshirt with letter F print on it; paired with short faded denim shorts; balanced with an old-school high-cut converse shoes you’d probably ditch when you’re schooling. I accessorized the look with a black choker around my neck tied it into a ribbon then rolled my hair just a little bit up high and formed a bun on the head.

What is Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness?

Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness is a state of the art beauty and wellness center strategically located at the 2nd floor of the West Strip Main Mall Entrance or Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu. It offers enchanting facial treatment, royal body treatments, slimming and injectables. It has also services for kids so mothers do not have to worry about taking so long pampering themselves. This castle of beauty has saunas, showers, hot and cold tubs intended for its royal customers – the people of Cebu and the rest of the Visayas.

Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness is another milestone that followed the successful launch of the partnership between Calayan Medical Group and M. Lhuillier Group last March. Currently, they have two beauty clinics in Cebu located at Oakridge and Parkmall. “If you want the best, you know where to go,” said Michel Lhuillier.

What’s their mission? To provide 5 Star services fit for a royalty for lesser price.

The place and staff

The lobby and reception area are dope! I mean it was very vibrant! With the wall covered with golden decorations as if those from a real castle, you can really feel as if you are inside a fairy tales' kingdom – lively and vivacious! The staff were friendly. They looked cute in their uniforms and the girls wore crown on their heads, too. So much cuteness!

The services and products

Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness offers facial and body treatments, whitening and slimming services, royal VIP room and wet area packages, hard waxing and warts removal, laser treatments and kid’s services.  Prices ranges from a hundred pesos to one thousand depending on your choice. To know more of the prices of their services, please contact their contact number indicated below or you may visit them directly at their castle center.

You can buy beauty products at their shop that was just next to their salon center.

Now, sit back and relax. Take a break from the busy city life. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to a beauty castle. Visit Selina’s Castle of Beauty and Wellness now and experience like a royal-blooded homo sapien! Let me know what you think of this place by commenting below.

Address: 2nd floor, West Strip of Parkmall, Mandaue City
Contact number: 0917-524-8009

"At Selina's, your beauty wish is their command."

Baby Blue Chick at Sun Life Tri-Team Press Conference

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One of the many great things Cebu is well-known for is the exciting "Ironman Triathlon" event that happens every year. Ironman Triathlon is a series of long-distance triathlon races consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile run, raced in that order and without a break.

If you are like me who is a big fan of this, then you know this is really exhilarating! A lot of people all over the Philippines including celebrities join this yearly healthy competition to showcase fun and strength. How about watching your celebrity crush soaked in sweat while looking cute and handsome still? Who wouldn’t want that? Hehe.

This year, Ironman 70.3 happened last August 6, 2017. One of the many participants of the said event was Sun Life Financial Philippines, with its very own executives, advisors, and brand ambassadors Piolo Pascual leading the Sun Life Tri-Team.

The Press Conference and My Outfit-of-the-day #OOTD

Before Ironman 70.3 took place, I was invited to witness the press conference of Sun Life Tri-Team in Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu. As a fashion wannabe (charr lang), one best way I figured to enjoy that yellow fun-filled day was to mix and match my outfit-of-the-day to achieve a girly chick look.

Since it was a sunny Saturday, I opted for a baby blue off-shoulder top paired with white lacey shorts to beat off sun’s hotness. This was just perfect and stylish especially with the baby blue handbag and Dior glasses on. Almost all people in the conference room were wearing yellow that day. Well, I felt I was the sky and they were the sun! In order to add a little bit of a class to the look, I sported out this not-so-old black criss-cross heels that was just residing in my shoe rack. Haha.

It was a wonderful experience especially after knowing Sun Life’s goal about promoting ideal fitness and active lifestyle. Sun Life had been boosting its health and wellness initiatives with GoWell, a community that promotes holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balanced life. Its website, www.gowell.com.ph, offered fitness and wellness content with articles from experts; while community workouts and fitness classes were also offered to its members.

This is how you do the candid shot!

The participating teams and racers had also been introduced. Yes, I met some of the hottest Philippine celebrities namely Enchong and Piolo which made the experience much more interesting!
Enchong (swim) was joined by fellow celebrity Piolo (bike) in his team along with Toniel (run). Sun Life Board Director Paco Sandejas (swim) raced with Sun Life advisors Eboy de Leon (bike) and Mike Miras (run).

According to Sun Life CEO and Country Head Riza Mantaring, Sun Life had taken part in the Ironman many times over the past few years, and yet, the excitement it brought never gets old. That’s just true. I felt it!

Sun Life CEO and Country Head - Riza Mantaring

The Medal

The medal to be awarded to racers was once again designed by multi-awarded industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue, a Sun Life brand ambassador himself.

Look at that genius-styled medal, just incredible!

During the conference, Sunpiology Dou had also been unveiled.

What is Sunpiology Dou?

The good thing about Sun Life is that it does not only provide financial services to the people, it also promotes physical fitness and supports worthwhile causes. Sunpiology is a highly anticipated annual fun run organized by Sun Life Financial Philippines. Now, Sunpiology will evolve into a two-fold event and will soon cater both running and cycling enthusiasts thus called Sunpiology Duo.

Sunpiology Duo will come into two parts : Sun Life Cycle PH and Sun Life Resolution Run.

Sun Life Cycle PH is about cycling that will take place from November 18 to 19, 2017 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, while Sun Life Cycle PH is about running that will happen on January 20, 2018. Through these, people who are eager to get a boost in their fitness journey can be catered much more than before and can also contribute to worthwhile causes while participating at it. This will be a star-studded happening to be participated with Star Magic celebrities and GoWell ambassadors. It is surely going to be an exciting event!

So what are we waiting for? How about marking our calendars and planning to participate to these? Let’s go! For more updates on Sunpiology Duo, follow @sunlife on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. More details will also be available  soon on www.sunpiology.com.

Special thanks to Sun Life Financial Philippines for having me during this day!