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From the Personal Lifestyle blog you know, I will rebrand my website into Fashion and Fitness blog. It will showcase my fashion taste, fitness routine, health tips, travel adventures, food trips/cheatdays and whole lot more!

Before I dive in to more serious matter, I’d like to thank you, yes YOU, for supporting me throughout my blogging journey and for being an avid follower of my posts. It’s been six months now and trust me, it is not that easy to be on top of it especially that I have other obligations besides it. I am part of some local community organizations and I have a corporate job I must be awesome at. These are a little bit hard on my part but I am glad that I still am kicking! Well, I sometimes I fail at good time management so there it is!

As you may have noticed about my previous posts, I wrote many good personal stuffs I experienced. There’s really no clear pattern  as long as I enjoyed writing it. Yes, I totally enjoyed those. I gained lots of new friends along the way, tried brand new things I never expected I could be part of, ate foods I thought only existed in the internet and traveled to some places I never knew I could land my feet on. In the course of six months, I knew myself way much better than any other else! For me, it is the most important thing. It is still the beginning though and I know I still have more to learn of who I am, what I like, where I want to be and so on.

I am writing this posts in order to share that starting now, I am going to renew my blogsite. No, not the looks (although I know I need to upgrade it to a  classier and prettier one. I will handle that later.). I mean its contents. I have been thinking about it for few weeks already and today, I realize it's the perfect day I have been waiting for. From the Personal Lifestyle blog you know, I will rebrand it into Fashion and Fitness blog. It will showcase my fashion taste, fitness routine, health tips, travel adventures, food trips/cheatdays and whole lot more.

Why will I rebrand my blogsite?

My typical day is peaceful and calm...lonely sometimes. At some point of being a millennial, I plan to add some twists and spices to my daily life and I want to record those here in my website. Aside from striving on being an awesome employee at work, I also want to have a dimension of my own that I can use as an escape after that. Something I know I will enjoy and be challenged at.
If you are like me who dreamt of this, then come along and let us start the journey of a lifetime.

I will cover the following:

1. Fashion
If you know me, you may have notice that I have a taste for fashion. I like to dress up myself according to my preference and taste. I do it because it feels good if I look good! Who would not want that? And no, I am not doing it to impress anybody. I am doing it for myself. I just want to spoil myself sometimes… okay, most of the times. Haha!

2. Fitness
My gym subscription is currently going on and guess what, I always ditch the sessions because I am a lazy couch potato, I cry! I want to change this behavior. So starting now, I will hit the gym and I will share my journey, motivation and struggles here.

3. Health
I live solo in Cebu and probably to other places soon. For those who can relate, getting sick solo is a big NO! So I must be healthy always.
I remembered getting sick here and it sucked big time. I was walking in the corner of the street floating like a dead vampire and worst thing was I had to buy my own foods, fruits and medicines alone while the cruel fever and headache were frying me to death. I don't want that anymore. I will share my ways of keeping healthy.

4. Travel adventures
I like travelling and exploring fresh places be it with my friends or alone especially during rest days from office work. I love staying in hotels, sleeping in the bubbles of bathtubs and swimming in cold pools as well as beaches. Although I have never been to another countries or faraway destinations yet, I know I am on my way towards there slowly and surely. It will be best to put my experiences here in my blogsite to preserve the memories and fun of course!

5. Food trips and cheatdays
Who doesn’t love food here? I will share food destinations that you might want to try so keep an eye for it. Of course, since we will be doing hard core workouts to reach our fitness goal. Let us have some cheatdays every once in a while, shall we?

6. Feminism
I am advocate of girl power, girl boss, badass ladies or anything related to girls’ strengths. I salute ladies who excel in their fields and whatever they do. I applaud ladies who know how to speak up and pickup themselves up in times of failure. If men can do it, we can too! I will put my insights and possible events about feminism here in my site and I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them.

It will be an awesome days ahead plus I will be giving giveaways to my followers! With a twist ey! The details will follow soon and will posted on my Facebook page. So, stay tuned!

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