Black Lady at Purple Bee Cafe

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No, this post is not going to be about ghosts or bad spirits as the “Black Lady” words enunciate in the title. That is just far too scary, isn’t it? This is about my sweet and happy experience at Purple Bee Café of course in my wonderful over slit black dress.

Our pregnant blogger mommy friend, her name is Pam, invited us to have a chitchat over sweet treats. She found this new café located at Bridges Town Square, Mandaue City called Purple Bee Shop and Cafe. Since I liked chitchats and sweets, you know what’s next, I said “Yes, count me in”. The name sounded cute and attractive to my ears as well so major plus points! 

It was a hot afternoon and I must not cover my whole self with long thick clothes. I was also on the mood for some outfit twist that day so I opted to wear my favorite black dress with a twist – yes, the slit. It’s always funny and entertaining everytime I wore it because right after the moment I stepped out of my house, most people would look at me from head to toe. I guessed this piece of cloth seemed to be rare in the eyes of many.
Yeah right, the shop was quite far from my place. The trip towards there was a little bit of a hassle because I was caught in a heavy traffic. Nevertheless, thanks to my “feeling close” and “kill-the-dead-air” behaviors, I still had fun talking with the taxi driver about life and work in general. I even gained wisdom. Very cool, huh!

It was 4 PM when I arrived to the destination. I was clearly late. I should be there by 3:30PM but ooops shoulder shrugged. I saw my friends having really great time over sweets and conversations. I joined right away without any further ado. Haha!

Purple Bee Shop and Café is a cool and convenient shop with purple and yellow as the main motif located at Bridges Town Square, Alang-Alang,, 143 Plaridel St, Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu. It is open daily 8:00AM - 10:00PM serving foods that range from brewed coffee, cakes, frappes, pastries, sandwhiches, wines to native delicacies. One thing that makes it stand out is the HONEY in their menu.  Not only that, you can also avail their natural & organic Purple Bee cosmetic product displayed in a particular corner inside the shop for healthy skin and hair plus various beauty regimen with a touch of honey in each of them. Yes, you read it right. Beauty products in a cafe.

The owner and the staff were very friendly. We were toured inside the shop. We were served with sandwiches, cakes, wines and my favorite – honey (baby so sweet, lol). Our bellies and sweet tooth were properly taken care of.

Yummy as me. Hahaha joke!
Frappe as cold as your feelings, lol.
Cakes for the bitter souls. Huhu.
Wine for the broken hearted. Yay!
It was a two-storey shop and we managed to play card and brick games at the second floor after we ate. Pam brought her smart little girl Asha who just made our moment up there very exciting and fun. She spoke english and I loved talking to her eventhough she would just told me to go away. I was a bit of a naggy tita. Well, I couldn’t blame myself to be drowned by the little girl’s charm.
We also got to bring home some natural cosmetic products such soaps, sunscreen and lip balms.

Soaps that look like candies.
For more information and inquiries, visit them in Facebook and Instagram.
Call (032) 272-9799 / 09088185685 / 09178792968 / 09198317746
Cafe is open 8:00AM - 10:00PM

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