Airplane Mode Dinner at Inflight Cafe

By: emelieempire on Saturday, June 3, 2017 | 0

"I have not ridden an airplane yet."
Yeah, I know what you are thinking. In fact, most of my friends say it is a joke. I know! It is not that I could not afford, it is just that I am not travelling faraway places right now. My hometown does not have an airport as well so everytime I go home, the ship is always my bestfriend - either tiny or huge. I almost had my first time to ride such gigantic bird machine last few months for a squad escapade to Bacolod, but guess what, I did not show up on my flight day. (Ouch!) It was because I had an obligation to take care in one of the organizations I am in, the Cebu Google Developers Group held an event I could not deny. In order to make the long story short, I ditched my flight and until now I have not ridden an airplane. How come I am laughing typing this?! Lol.

Anyways, eventhough I haven't been in an airplane yet, I get to experience being a pilot for a couple of minutes and had a dinner inside it in one of Cebu's newest cafe - the Inflight Cafe. How cool is that? Very cool! Same as the hugot line "It is okay eventhough there is no us as long as I experience the feeling of being with you." Ganern!

Inflight Cafe is an airplane-setting-inspired resto built and owned by a retired Cebuano pilot. He loves his profession so much and that serves as his motivation in building this rare restaurant. It is located besides the main road of Subangdako, Mandaue City, just across ADG I.T CENTRE and near BIR building.

This cafe is awesome! You can really say that as soon as you will enter the entrance. Situated in the middle, a real airplane cockpit will surprise and welcome you just like what it did to me. The cockpit is where the pilot sits and controls every command of the airplane. Of course I sat and pretended I was a  cool pilot you can ever think of. Hahaha. I touched the steering wheel, controlled any button or switch I saw and wore the iconic headset every pilot is known for.

The place is perfect for you if you want a setting different from the ordinary cafes in the city. It is also a good chitchat spot for you and your squad. The seats of the cafe are absolutely real airplane chairs. The decorations are also real parts of an actual airplane. The waitresses are dressed same as the flight attendants and stewardess.

Here comes the food.

Happy eating! Happy imaginary flying! 

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