Michel’s Bistro: My New Favorite Place to Chill And Eat

By: emelieempire on Saturday, April 15, 2017 | 0

Michel's Bistro, the newest restaurant located at G/F Skyrise 1, IT Park Cebu is now officially open! At a very reasonable price, you can enjoy exceptionally delicious and properly cooked foods as well as savory drinks served with great care in a very comfortable place.

Here are top 5 main reasons why I love this place:

1. Great foods and drinks
At a reasonable price, you can choose a variety of foods and drinks that you will surely love. Paella Seafood Pasta, Paella Valenciana and Pork Stroganoff are extremely my favorites.
If you want to sip a glass of wine or any of your favorite drinks, this is a perfect place for you as well!

2. Comfortable ambiance
The place is very clean, cold and elegant. The lighting is of blue shade which makes it so cool.

3. Party rockin' rest room
This is my most favorite part of the restaurant. There is a speaker in the rest room! When I was inside, I felt like I was having a private concert. Headbang here, headbang there, headbang everywhere. Sometimes, I intentionally went to the rest room not to pee but to re-charge and feel energize with the music inside.

4. Smiling staff
The staffs are very friendly. They make sure to cater your needs. They smile to the customer as well. I like it so much especially that I am a “feeling-close” (sometimes) kind of person.

5. Accessible location
The location is reachable because it is located in G/F Skyrise 1, IT Park Cebu. Whether you are from Fuente, Ayala or Talamban, there are accessible one-call-away jeepneys. If you have your personal car, there are parking lots as well. Just prepare 50 pesos for the fee.

Indulge goodness and yumminess in Michel's Bistro. Their foods, drinks, staff, place and price are definitely check na check! Barato na, layshoo pa!
Will definitely go back here every now and then.

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