I Am A Grateful HIBSTer

By: emelieempire on Friday, April 28, 2017 | 0

What triggered me to pursue a blogging career was Cebu Blogging Community’s summit held at iiiOffice Cebu last November 2016. There were really awesome blogger speakers that day who motivated me to build my own website and become a blogger/owner of it. Two months after, I created my own blogsite!

I told Rome, one of the awesome Cebu Blogging Community leads and also my co-program manager in GDG Cebu, that I wanted to become part of the blogger group he's in. He gave me useful tips on how to become one and how to be a member. I was very excited and happy. Since then, I started writing out of nowhere. There was no clear pattern as long as I am writing happy moments of my life. I tagged my blogsite as Personal and Lifestyle because I just wanted to write everything that’s happening. In that way, I could assess myself on which field or on which niche I fit best. I’m happy that I enjoy doing it until now.

I also enrolled to CBC’s program called High Intensity Blogging (HIB). Bloggers enrolled in this program must write at least 8 posts per month within 3 months. It sounded easy at first but it's very challenging. I committed myself to do it because I wanted to prove to myself that if others can do it, so do I. I also wanted improvement. Who wouldn't want that? This post is actually my last entry of the program in order for me to be officially named as “HIBster”. Yeah, that’s what they call us – bloggers who enrolled in High Intensity Blogging program.

In the duration of my HIBster life, I’m very happy to share the following realizations and experiences. I never thought something great like this would happen to me. I pat myself for taking on the challenge and a big thanks to my blogger friends who welcomed me to the pack!

1. It’s all about friendship and fun.

2. Learning never stops. It’s an unending loop.

3. Surround yourself with awesome people and you will eventually become one.

4. Life needs not to be lonely; it must be funny!

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