Glance: Celebrating Timeless Distinction

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I grew up with all fairy tale fantasies in mind. Princesses, princes, queens, kings, castles, gowns, marriages and happily ever after were my thing when I was a kid. Those were the kind books I read and movies I watched. They firmly encapsulated my childhood days. Wayback then, I didn’t know anything about the “real” world and how opposite it was to my perspective until I studied college and lived in the City all by myself.

Although the reality awakens me now that life is not all fantasies and happiness, there is still that little voice in my head telling me to go and experience gown parties and fancy celebrations every once in a while. I guess it’s normal because I was once a firm believer of that stuff before the truth pokes my eyeball.

So when an invitation arrived at me last March 10, 2017 about a gown party, I said “Yes”!
Marriot organized a three-day Open Bridal Fair and I witnessed the grand finale! The event had a theme “Glance: Celebrating Timeless Distinction”. It featured highlights of Marriott’s 20 years in Cebu alongside wedding industry influencers who had also flourished in their craft over the past two decades. The event also featured Marriott’s 20 years of brilliant hosting and seamless segue from sleek business hotel to romantic wedding venue while still incorporating their signature technology-enhanced guest services for a unique and memorable “I do!”

There were live performances by the Cebu Phil Harmonic Orchestra and singer Anna Feji. It was a long gown, suit and tie event attended by Cebu's elites, fashion designers and wedding suppliers. Everybody was glammed and presentable.

I was really happy to be one of the lucky bloggers who witnessed such breathtaking gowns and tuxedos fashion show as well as the timeless couture collection of our homegrown world-class Cebuano designers. I also enjoyed the artistic displays of the wedding industry partners present during the event.

With all the beautiful things I saw that night; I wonder who is ready to walk the aisle for a memorable “I Do”. Anyone?

Special thanks to:

Marriott Hotel 
Location: Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City, 6000. (032) 411 5800.
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