First Metro Securities: The Grand Unveiling 2017

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For those who doesn't know, I really love attending events may it be about technology, self-growth, relaxation, forums and many more. I bet you noticed that already on my social media accounts and even on my previous posts. Attending to community events is one of my outlets from the corporate work. Through it, I can feel that I belong to the community I'm in. It is always a fulfilling feeling I get at the end of the event.In this post, I will share another event I attended and it's about FirstMetroSec's the Grand Unveiling party.

I attended FirstMetroSec’s Grand Unveiling party at LIV Superclub, Mandaue City, Cebu last April 19, 2017.  It was one of the most exclusive and most insightful launch parties in Cebu. A party where you can chill, hang out with friends, and learn how to make your money work harder for you. Yeah right, I partied with business owners and business minded people.

When I arrived at LIV Superclub, the upbeating music pounded my whole being and made me feel alive. I then saw my friends chilling and headbanging in one of the tables. There were raffle draws before the program. I had few lucky friends that won cool prizes. It was also a drink-all-you-can kind of night. There’s food we could grab whenever we wanted. We really had good times.

What is First Metro Securities?

When I first heard “First Metro Securities”, I honestly thought it was about IT security stuff. Later on I knew that it is a brokerage corporation. A stockbrokerage house licensed to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Established in 1994, they have been a trusted provider of equity brokering services and solutions for over 20 years. They provide easy and convenient access to the listed securities in the stock market, either thru our state-of-the-art online trading platforms or with the assistance of our seasoned and knowledgeable equity brokers.

Wait, what?! That sounds too technical.

I feel you! As I remembered, my jaw dropped out of awe the last time I heard these definitions. Hahaha!
In other terms, First Metro Securities is the all-in-one online investment platform. It provides products and services about stocks, mutual funds, investments and other financial services. They help you become good investors and traders.

They launched the following on that night:

1. Fundsmart – MutualFunds Online Platform
Let’s you invest in over 25 peso mutual funds of the leading fund houses in the country with no paperwork hassle, sales loads and transaction fees.

2. Margin Financing Facility
Enables you to buy more stocks using securities you already own as collateral. Double your buying power and magnify your earning potential for a very low interest.

3. Enhanced Mobile App
Trade how you want, when you want. View realtime reports and charts with the use of mobile apps.

I know these all sound confusing at first but the main point here is that if we want our money to do the work for us, then we must opt to become an investor or become a trader. First Metro Sec is just one call away to helping us along the way. I’m pretty sure I just cover the tip of the iceberg on this post. So, for more information and one-on-one coaching, please visit .
Phone: (02) 859-0600        

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