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If you are like me who loves carnival, then I think you must visit Cebu City's Kasadya Sa SRP before it's too late!

Wait, what is it?

Kasadya Sa SRP is local amusement park located at South Road Properties of Cebu City. Thus, explained its name as to why it is called like so. It is composed of different carnival rides, food stalls, game booths and mini bazaars. This runs from the month of December up to February of each year. And the most pleasing reason as to why you must visit is the very affordable entrance fee and ride fees.

Itinerary, expenses and fun!

It's been a while since I last went out with my sister due to conflicting work schedules we both have. Luckily, our free time crossed one day in January 2017, just before the grandest Sinulog festival, and we finally got to try out the rides and fun at Kasadya sa SRP.

1. Dinner at Colon.
My treat because I am a generous elder sister haha! (200 pesos)

2. Rode 10F jeepney going to Mambaling.
Fare was ten pesos each. Her treat because I forced her, lol. (20 pesos)
We chose jeepney over taxi and Uber because we wanted to save money, hehe. Besides, we both had our free time for ourselves that night and not to mention we wanted to have some bonding moment, too. It was a joyful ride with her because we talked about anything we saw inside and outside the vehicle. What could I say? We are sisters so somehow we think a like at some point.

3. Rode motorcycle with not-so-fancy helmet.
My turn to treat her. Fare was 25 pesos for the each of us. (50 pesos)
We went there around 7:00 P.M. in the evening so we liked the cool breeze of air during our habal-habal trip.

4. Arrived at Kasadya sa SRP.
Entrance fee was 25 pesos for each individual. Clearly affordable on my sister's pocket so she treated me :) (50 pesos)
Rain showers welcomed us upon arrival. Yeah, it was raining but not that heavy.

5. Exciting rides.
When we enter the park, there were colorful lights that gave us chills and big smiles.
We didn't know where to start first so we just looked for those rides that has many people in it and then took on the challenge. Fee was 50 pesos per ticket per person for a 3-minute ride. (total of 600 pesos for both of us)

Many people were lining up in the ticket booth. This made us curious so we lined up, too. In this ride, we stood  up until the end. No worries because there's huge metal bracket around our chest area for protection. We couldn't move our feet for they're heavy. It felt like we were like inside of a blender. After around 2 minutes, the machine would tilt for about 45 degrees. We saw the ground up side down. So cool! Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton's Centrifugal Force (a force directed away from the center) we didn't fall. This was our first ride and we loved it it!

This is absolutely 100% better and a very good upgraded version of our childhood swing! In this ride, we sat and went crazy every time it reached on each end.

Lantern Wheel
This was same as the typical Ferris Wheel we tried during fiesta in our place. We went crazy again with this ride. Whenever it fell from the top, it almost made me throw up really hard; good thing I didn't.

This was our favorite! In fact, we rode here twice. In this ride, we sat on a crazy rotating chair while the machine rotated it. Sounds insane I know!

Bumble Bee
This ride was for kids. It's safe and there's no breathtaking adventures here compared to the previous rides we tried.

Super Twister
This was the second favorite ride of my sister. In this ride, we sat on separate single swings while rotating around This one was very cool. I felt like a flying bird because I saw roofs all over and the people on the ground looked so tiny already. Clearly, I was meters away from the ground. Saddest and funniest part was I literally almost threw up after this ride!
My sister and I almost lost our lungs and spirits during this adventure but we wanted more of it soon.

6. Tricky game booths.
Ball game - you bet on cards which you think the ball will land.

Throw your coin and if it lands perfectly to the squares, you win the prize that the square associates.

Shoot one toy and if it falls, you win a prize!

Firing yeah. Bullseye? No problem, one awesome prize for you!

7. Food stall.
We ate at pungko-pungko but was not able to take a picture. So here's an ice cream instead.

We arrived at Kasadya Sa SRP around 8:30 PM in the evening and we went home at 2:00 AM. Our total expenses for this adventure was around 1000 pesos.

1. Better be prepared. Bring umbrella and handkerchief with you.
2. You will enjoy best if you have companion whom you can talk to about anything under the sun.
3. If you are going to follow our road trip, it will take almost an hour of your time. You may ride taxi, Uber or even Mybus from SM City Mabolo going to SM Seaside, then ride a taxi or motorcycle going to Kasadya sa SRP.
4. Kasadya Sa SRP's floor is soil and not concrete cement. If it rains, expect chocolates on your feet :)
5. Don't eat first before the rides. You will throw up!
6. If you want to play games, expect to lose.
7. The operators inside are so friendly. Please wear a smile whenever possible. :)

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