Finally, A Song Entitled EMELIE

By: emelieempire on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | 0

Did you know that there is a song entitled "EMELIE"? I'm so happy about it because that is my precious first name haha! Plus, the spelling is just so the same. I am usually a victim of name-murdering because it gets misspelled almost all of the time but this singer is just soo cool for me. I got vanity level 999! I'm now smiling from ear to ear :D

“Emelie” by Filous & MOUNT feat. Buster Moe is a beautiful, heart-wrenching song featuring vocals alongside a knee-slapping beat and tons of harmonica. It kind of sounds like the great open country, but it packs a big synthetic kick, and therefore dutifully club ready.

Filous says, "Every once in a while, you start working on a song where everything just seems to come together in the most natural way possible. Every time that happens, it feels incredibly exciting and special! That's exactly what happened with this song.”

"Emelie" gets official release on Ultra records last Friday, Aug. 19, 2016.

The lyrics:
Nothing's gonna change the way I feel for you Emelie
Used to get me high just running trough your fields in ecstacy
Everybody laughed and everybody talked about you and me
But nothings gonna change the way I feel for you Emelie
For you Emelie

I've been on the road writing all the words to you melodies
Skippin' out of vans you told me be the best that I can be
But now you not around when all I need is your energy
Still nothings gonna change the way I feel for you Emelie
For you Emelie

I'm higher than a mountain frozen on the shore
Party in the Hamptons I just miss u more
Maybe we could be together in another life

Shout out to Angelyn aka "Gelai" (from for letting me know this song on one calm midnight. I so love it!

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