Spice Up Your 2017 With These Bucketlist Items

By: emelieempire on Sunday, January 1, 2017 | 0

Happy New Year guys! I hope you have a very good welcoming time together with your families and friends. And for those who are not able to make it to be with their loved ones, like me, I am still wishing for happiness to each and everyone of us.

Every beginning has an end and every beginning's end is a door to a new beginning. Another year has been given to us - year 2017, another twelve-month period to be awesome and wise. Let us all be thankful for it!

If not all of us, then most people has this "New Year's Resolution" whenever a new year begins. That includes me, of course. It is like a nature to humankind. Well, what can I say? I've been doing it since I was in grade school. It is like a golden rule I can't never miss. To mention a few, these were a few of my New Year's Resolution. Few because I tell you guys, there were really lots of them in my list and  some of them kinda appear to be very impossible already. From being a best student (wayback before, yeah I am a dreamer) to being the sexiest nerd you could imagine not to mention the "diet" word lol (yes - I am a feeler, too) to being one of the best professional I can be (serious moment of silence please) and everything in between. I can personally say these are all good stuffs because we are aiming for improvement of ourselves. We are not giving up to our selves and we have good plans set in each of our archives for good. After all, it's our duty to take care of us, to spoil us with what we want - what we need.

To make your 2017 an awesome year, I have here some items you can add to your bucketlist to spice up your year a lot more. Let us altogether list our goals, achieve them, and experience our life desires. Pick one or more and take the challenge to do it. I, myself will definitely choose as well, if not then all!

1. If you are a working professional, make it a habit to only check social-media-related-stuff and personal-emails-stuff after shift. Preferably, at home before, sleeping. 
- Last 2016, this snatched most of my time. I feel like I was multitasking the whole time I simultaneously checked these stuffs. My time management was a failure when it comes to this :( So, I am hoping I can improve this by now :)

2. Get advantage cards from your favorite stores and malls. 
- Because points! Think about buying your personal stuff or shopping for your fashion items and at the same time earn points that you can used to pay in your next visit. Isn't that a clever idea? (I'm dying to have because I have none so far!)

3. No fastfood for the whole year. Eat home-cooked foods only.
- Whoever survive this, well, I am willing to be your apprentice! For those that cannot, well let us just bend it a little bit. From "No Fastfood" to "once or twice a month". Shall we? Deal!

4. Survive even if there is no boyfriend or girlfriend this year.
- Human can be happy without these species. There are a lot more to venture and to explore by yourself and for yourself. Love yourself first before you love another person - this is the main foundation of a successful relationship. Also, don't forget to settle your obligation to your family first.

5. Full makeup by a total stranger.
- I have done these already together with my friend Frances Marie. Don't miss to check the story of it here!

6. Parasailing
- It's a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle, usually a boat, while attached to a specifically designed canopy wing that looks like parachute. I'll definitely try this one during summer hopefully with my friends.

7. Eat in an eat-all-you-can restaurant alone.
- Indulge yourself with sumptuous food and extraordinary wine all by yourself only. Don't bring companion hahah!

8. Staycation in a resort alone.
- Experience staycation in a resort and sleep in the room all by yourself. Isn't it scary and full of adventure? You never know when you wake up, you got a ghost bedmate already. Whoa! Good luck to that. Just be careful and don't ever do this if you are hesitant.

9. Surfing and/or wakeboarding because why not?
- Adrenaline rush would be good sometimes.

10. Take an online course. Free or not will do.
- Prove to yourself that you can manage your time. This is a challenge because you gotta discipline yourself on avoiding unnecessary clicks in Youtube and Facebook. Just focus on finishing your enrolled course pretty please. Well, for me, I opted for the #100DaysOfCode Challenge and Javascript30 course - both are online.

11. Read book at least 30 minutes a day.
- We gotta work on our vocabulary. Plus, good read means good sleep.

12. Create a blogsite and blog your hearts out in there.

13. Strive to achieve this: 3 Sources of Income and be financially stable.

14. Complete the 52-Week-Money Challenge
-  Be rich at the end of 2017.

15. Don't be a couch potato this year. Exercise.
- Hit the gym and/or engage yourself in a mountain climbing, weekly jogging, swimming and many more.

16. Sleep 7-8 hours a day.
- I know reality is better than dreams. I, myself couldn't even make a 7-hour beauty sleep. My gosh! But we will try and work to achieve this because "health"!

...and the list goes on depending on your preferred bucketlist items.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Happy new life!  Let's make a blast!

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