Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu Campus Talk Series 2016

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Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu, a non-profit group of amateurs and professionals (technology users, specialists, and developers) who are enthusiasts and daily users of Google technologies, conducted its “Campus Talk Series” event for the year 2016 as a major preparation for the upcoming Devfest on November 19, 2016. GDG Cebu Team aimed to be one of the most well-known communities in the whole region so that’s why we made this “Campus Talk Series” event possible.

The Campus Talk Series took place in four known universities of Cebu province. It started last September 17, 2016 and ended last November 12, 2016. This event aimed to assist the students to be fully equipped with the latest trend of technology developed by Google fundamentally focusing on the programming and development field. During this event, students were informed about the awesome flavors of Google technology which they could freely explore and use with their school projects or even their startups in mind. They were also encouraged to think and come up with amazing startup ideas that could help not only themselves but the whole community and the world as a whole.

The event has 2 categories:

1.      Talk/Sharing Session – This is where the talking and the sharing happen. Students are gathered as a whole in a big room wherein they get to know and hear the latest Google Technologies articulated by our best speakers.
2.      Codelabs Session – This is the hands-on period. Students apply what they learn during the Talk/Sharing Session with the help of selected best instructors. This is the fun part!

Why we target students?

Simply because young generations have all the time in the world to attend to our event, lol! Most professionals don’t have time for us; most especially this is a series of events, due to their family and work-related reasons. And besides, the young ones are the hope of our world. They have these lots of weird, crazy and awesome ideas. We want that beautiful ideas to be shared and become true! Of course, the older ones also do, we totally agree to that! And we also believe that students in schools and universties must be given attention first, tamed first! 

The four legs of GDG Cebu Campus Talk Series are as follows. 
These are all whole-day events full of fun and knowledge, plus gaining new friends (growing the friendship network) and being awesome altogether :)

1. Cebu Technological University (CTU)
Held last September 17, 2016.

2. University of Cebu (UC)
Held last October 1, 2016.

3. University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu)
Held last October 22, 2016.

4. University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR)
Held last November 13, 2016.

Most pictures are owned by yours truly, taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I sometimes call my phone as the “GDG Cebu Official Phone” because the team keeps looking for it during picture-takings hahaha!

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