Romantic Whispers about being “Single”

By: emelieempire on Sunday, October 16, 2016 | 3

Are you single? Are you longing for that special someone to come into your life? We’ll you are not alone; a lot of people on Earth are singles too. Here I will show you the confessions of single people about their romantic desires. Whisper...

1. I wish I could send really cute texts to my girlfriend/boyfriend but I am single.
2. Even though I am single, I sleep on one side of my bed, in hopes that someday I get to share it to someone special.
3. Even though I am single, I like to listen to love songs and think “one day.”
4. I have ridiculously high expectations for relationships. I want romance. I want the random road trips, kissing in the rain, pebble thrown at my window kind of love. This is why I’m single.
5. I buy men’s cologne and men’s hoodies to sleep in because it comforts me, although I am single.
6. Even though I am single and never had a boyfriend, I know how kissing and cuddling would feel like because I think about this in my head. It feels so real.
7. I can’t sleep I wish I had a girlfriend who could sing me to sleep. But I am single.
8. I’m singe and happy, but sometimes I wish I had someone to hold me and be my rock.
9. I fantasize about meeting a man at the grocery store, him coming up to me and asking if Im single. I tell him yes, and I live happily after.
10. Every time I walk through the door when I come home I always call out “Honey, Im home” … even though I’m single and I live alone.
11. Even though I am single, I already know how I am going to propose to my future wife.
12. I bet trying to get pregnant is a really incredible experience. Im single, but I dream of the day I have a man and we want to make a family. It’s what keeps me going.

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