Summer Outing in Pangan-an andAbalone Beach Resorts

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Passerelles Numeriques Philippines pioneer Batch2012 of college scholars celebrated its seventh anniversary in Pangan-an Island, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu Philippines.

Everyone was very excited to finally be together again after all the hectic schedules brought by the professional life in the corporate world. Also, one of our abroad classmates, Catherine, arrived in Cebu so everybody was happy not to mention the chocolates pasalubong she brought for us :) 

The summer outing happened last May21-22, 2016 in 2 beach resorts in the mentioned place : Pangan-an Beach Resort and Abalone Beach ResortThe said event has the official hashtags #CSNA201 #GoingStrongAt7

Day1 (May 21, 2016) Pangan-an Beach Resort:

A) 7am - Departure from Talamban Cebu City. Rode jeepneys going to Jolibee Highway > Parkmall > Mercado Mactan > Mactan pier going to Pangan-an island. Fare was around 50 pesos all in all.

Arrived at the pier! 

Had fun, obviously!
B) 9am - We rode a small boat (also known as "sakayan") going to our destination. Fare was 45 pesos.

The more passengers, the more fun, the better :)

C) 9:30am onwards - Arrived at Pangan-an Beach Resort. Arranged our baggage in our rented house. Toured the place. Cooked Lunch. Had fun and lots of jokes.

D) 1:00pm - Personal time. Some of my friends slept and some went swimming. Bonfire and burnt marsmallows. Shots

Day2 (May 22, 2016) in Abalone Beach Resort:
This resort was a hidden treasure (well for me). Its area was covered with thick trees and plants situating few meters to the shore. At first, I found it weird since the main gate has "No Trespassing" sign. The explanation was, it's a privately owned resort and was not yet commercialized or known to the public. Entrance fee was 80 pesos. Cottage fee was 200 pesos.

(photos to be uploaded tonight)

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