Healthy Filipino Foods at Hikay Restaurant

By: Emelie Anggoy on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It has been few weeks now and I have been thinking to include “Fitness” as one of the niches to focus in my blog. Why do I choose that? Well, it is because I am thinking of its good and long-term effect on my being and other people as a whole (those who follow my blog). With that in mind, I am slowly starting to write posts relating to “Fitness”. In this post, I will not tackle about workouts/exercises yet. I will first talk about healthy food options to try in Cebu City. Foods that have good effect to the fitness and wellness of our body.

Another Filipino restaurant in Cebu City that I definitely love is HIKAY. This place is perfect for ‘food celebrations’ of any occasion as what the name translates in English. Dine with your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else in this polished food place and be prepared to have your taste buds puffed with the healthy and delightful cuisine they serve. They offer unlimited rice so have your tummy ready, just watch out for possible excess carbs you may take in.
They have two store branches that I know. One is located in Calyx Building at IT Park and the other is in 3rd Floor of SM City Mabolo.

Together with my friends, we tried dining in SM City branch few days ago. The place is so elegant with beautiful lights scheme and interior design. I also like the attractive hand wash area and the cozy toilet.

Each of the staff is friendly to me and they make sure to cater all my needs when dining. We even ate together with the site manager, Renz, in one table. He is super friendly.

Healthy foods I’ve eaten and why I love them:

1. Baked Scallops
Scallop is always one my favorite seafoods. Now this time, the yummy-buttery goodness of scallops that I have always been craving for has been served and boom, I dribble!
Vitamin B12 checked!

2. Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata is one of those that I always like to eat in the office working as a night shifter. Too bad stores offering this menu often closes during night time and I end up in fast foods. Crispy Pata in Hikay is tasty and crunchy. Thinking about the crisp and the protein it provides makes me a happy eater!

3. Kalderetang Kanding
I am never a fan of eating goat meat because of its smell. Guess what, I eat a few spoonful during this time because the meat was just exceptional. Yes there is still that little clingy smell but it is not as harsh same to those I tried before.
Low calorie, fat and cholesterol totals make me love goat meat in Hikay.

4. Adobo Pusit
Luscious squid in a platter is literally heaven in my eyes. Oh, so yummy!
B vitamins and iron checked!

5. Sotanghon Guisado
Think about that sotanghon guisado cooked by your mom only with a little twist. Yes, that is this menu all about. Carb the body up in preparation for our workouts soon!

6. Halang na Saang
I really have an unforgettable experience when it comes to eating meat of saang or “spider shell” in English. The feeling of eating thick rubber bands before was hilarious. That’s why I kind of hesitate to taste this menu. Luckily, Hikay’s saang meat is not same as what I tasted before. The meat is just easy to chew and I have nothing to worry about detachment issues of my braces’ bracket, lol!
Protein checked in this menu!

7. Manok Tinola
As soon as I taste this, I automatically remember my bukid life. Fresh bisayang manok tinola. No ouncy fatty oils just meaty chicken loaded with papaya and green leafy vegies with protein.

Juicy and sweet fish meat paired with sliced tomatoes is just so healthy. Omega vitamins checked!

9. Dessert: Fried Ice Cream Vanila, Cassava Cake, Biko with Latik and Leche Flan


Happy faces. Full tummies.

Of all these foods, what do you want to eat right now?

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  1. Yummm scallops. My favorite too! And crispy pata is love.. But should be eaten in moderation. Haha. Hope to visit Hikay soon!

  2. Gigutom ko sa crispy pata ug scallops!!! Nailad ko sa "healthy" sa title da :)

    1. Haha, I call it "finding the good stuff" amidst all the cholesterol in it. :P

  3. The Saang and Pusit is something worth trying. I haven't been to Hikay and this one convinced me to take my folks here and munch in.

    1. The saang really surprised me. I was skeptical to try it due to my braces but luckily the saang meet is so gentle, lol.

  4. I don't know if you intently make your readers crave and hungry, but hell yeah! The photos successfully made me drool. And the "kakanins" ugh! kill me now!!!!

    1. I wanted my readers to drool and it's good to know it's working on you. Hahaha. I wanted you to crave for more. HAHAHA. No hidden meaning ni ha #justclarifying LELS

  5. I find it amusing how you categorized crispy pata as a healthy food. From now on, I'll just focus on the scrores of protein that I'll benefit from eating this mouthwatering grub hahaha

    1. Haha, I call it "finding the positive" amidst all the negatives in it. Crispy Pata if eaten in moderation is actually good. :P