Carenderia Ni Eton: Must-Try Kan-Anan in Argao Cebu

By: Emelie Anggoy on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Argao, the place I have been longing to tour because of its beautiful cultural and heritage setting as well as its famous torta delicacy! I finally set my feet on this beautiful place two weeks ago. Unlike other people, I was not there during daytime. I was there at night time because a good friend invited us to have a quick visit in their eating place. The transportation and food expenses were free; so, who am I to “No” to that? Besides, I was vacant that time so that’s why my answer was “Yes”.

The place :)
If you visit Argao next time, you should try eating at Carenderia Ni Eton. This is a restaurant managed by Robert Yap and is located near the main road, in front of GD gasoline station. Carenderia Ni Eton was made out of Robert’s love to his fallen police brother whose nickname was “Eton”. After the death of his elder brother, he was left with all family responsibilities. He figured he needed to do something about it in order to sustain the family’s needs. He thought of starting a food business and thus the birth of Carenderia Ni Eton food place.

Wellbein, Robert, Me and Rady :)
The restaurant’s tagline is “Hapit Ug Mangaon Ta bai!” ("Come And Let’s Eat" in english). Robert was very accommodating. He and his whole staff were super friendly. They wore smiles all the time! They served us these very delectable foods.

These were the foods we ate. You must try these, too! For sure you will love the hot and mouth-watering pochero just like I did.

Chicken barbecue

Pork barbecue


Ready, get, set... eat!

Mango Float and Leche Flan
We also got to visit Argao’s famous Torta manufacturing site and were able to taste their torta and cookies.

Chitang's Torta - pastry similar of a cupcake topped with cheese, raisin and sugar.

Chitang's cookies

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  1. Wow! This looks good! I might visit this place when I go to Argao someday.

  2. Since I was not able to come then I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Robert Yap. I will definitely visit his eatery in one of my summer road trips. :)

  3. What I wouldn't give just to have these foods (especially the torta) materialize in front of me now. They look seriously appetizing!

  4. Kalami sa Pochero ug Mango Float! Sure we'll try this eatery when we travel at Argao.

    1. @Christoeffer John, Pramissssss. Ilang pochero ug mango float lami jud kaayo. <3

  5. Kalayoooo sa Argao but I think worth it rajud ang pag adto ug layo!

  6. Kadaghan ug lami ani nga blog post uy. Will definitely check out this carenderia. Basin maka adto kog Argao next week. :)

  7. I like their pochero very much. My parents would love it too. No MSG!

  8. Ah, another eatery in Argao. The food looks delish. I want that mango float right now and the Torta looks yummy too. This surely be one of the places that we might consider for our meals when we swing by on the place in one of our adventures soon.

  9. Bilib gyud ko nimo kay niadto gyud ka sa Argao para ana!

  10. Gi career jud ninyong tulo ang Argao adventure. Overall, you were all so busog sa picture. Kaon pa more!