Experience A Best Summer Adventure at JPark Waterpark and Resort Cebu

By: Emelie Anggoy on Friday, March 31, 2017

As I put the sunblock all over my legs and shoulders, I feel the gentle hot wind slowly blowing my dark, messy hair. The sun tenderly bathes my brown skin, while the soft white and golden sand calmly caresses my tired feet. Moderate waves singing to a perfect rhythm of swimmers' laughters and smiles. Yes, it's summer and I am at the beach! 

“Good times and tan lines”, my favorite line when talking about summer. Yes, it is summer! I’m super excited to know where you want to go and what activities you want to do in this happiest season of the year. If you haven’t think of it yet, then continue reading on because I will share to you my best yet summer experience for this year.

“I go to JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu! I am totally inlove with the place, the activies and the people!” :)

JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu is a well-known resort destination in Cebu Philippines. Whether you are solo  or with friends and family, the resort has really bunch to offer. Food, service, environment, rides, tour and more to offer to you. Almost all of my workmates have been here already except me. Luckily, I am finally able to tick this  off from my bucketlist item because I get to experience its beauty and charm. What’s more happy is, I am with my millennial friends. Basically, I can be who I really am when I am with them.

Activities and adventures I take:

1)      Chill and relax in the gigantic lobby. Unlike any other lobby, this is actually an open area, meaning it is not air-conditioned, and I liked it so much! I can grasp all the fresh air I needed in my lungs and life, haha. Plus, the really captivating chandeliers catch my attention.

2)      Tour the resort. The resort is really huge. Prepare to be amazed!

3)      Swim like a free fish in Amazon River. This is my most favorite part of the resort. I can stay here all day if I want to! This is a circular pool wherein the water’s current will just carry you round and round even when not moving and just lying on the lifebuoy (a.k.a salbabida). The colorful figures beside the pool just add happiness to my lonely during this adventure.


4)      Lay on bench and beach. One of the many things I want this summer. All the life problems seem to evacuate from my brain at this moment.

Pak ganern!

5)      Eat all I can during buffet lunch. Meat, vegetables, desserts, sushies, pizzas or any food at your choice, go grab them!

6)      Going intense with water rides. This is also my favorite. I can’t explain the feelings during these. All I can say is that this is crazily fun and intense.

7)      Fast and furious Go Kart driving. Releasing the child spirit in me. I don’t really know how to drive motorcycles and bicycles. I am very happy to finally able to taste the feeling of being a driver through this ride.

Happy riders! (Photo by Carlo)

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  1. Looks like you had a great time that day! I would love to try all of these things at JPark one day. :)

  2. There's so much thing to do in JPark! I'm glad you had almost all during our visit! Tan lines are always worth if you had fun!

  3. I'm definitely gonna try the slides, haha crossing fingers that I won't chicken out at the last minute. I haven't checked the beach too so that's something I'm looking forward to.

  4. Been to JPark so many times na I did not make kuyog with y'all sa activities. Hahahaha! But I am glad nalingaw mo. Hope you tried all 3 waterslides though.

  5. Definitely going to try the Amazon River when I get the chance to drop by JPark. Looks really fun! Do you happen to know how deep is the Amazon River?

  6. Hala naikog ko nimo te! HAHAHA!

    Did you know that this used to be called "Imperial Palace" until new management took over and called it what it is today?

    I really REALLY hope I can go there somedaaaay. Huhuhu

  7. kanice jud. it seems like everyone are really having a great time.. :) #ALAVIT

  8. HAHAHA samokas pak ganern! Anyway, it was one fun JPark experience with you Emz! And congrats for being the champion sa photo contest! Charat hahaha! :)

  9. You really had a good time so it seems. I was tempted to go with you guys at that time, but I had some errands. Anyway, congratulations for being the Photo Contest champion. Biliba this girl uy.