Road To Blogger Poses

Are you hoping to have that perfect blogger kind of pose that Instagram celebrities have? Are you at somepoint wanted to add a little bit of spice as well as drama on your photos? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are not alone. I, too, always dream that. I just want to have a break with my wacky poses and peace signs everywhere, hahaha. I mean who wouldn’t want a candid shot or  a perfectly genuine unscripted kind of shots?

Just recently, I learned a few new techniques on how to strike that blogger pose we always been dreaming to achieve. I am not saying that I am pro when it comes to these. I just notice that when I followed these, there’s really a significant improvement. These may not applicable to all of you but I just thought I ring a bell somewhere out there in your mind.

1. Look away from the camera. Think as if you are shy of the photographer that is why you to got to away. Look to the left or to the right side, not to the center.

2. Flaunt your sexy back. If you have it, then flaunt it!

3. Take a picture of your legs. Don’t you think your legs deserve some show time? After all the bottles of lotions it absorbed through the years, it needs to show off yeah?

4. Fix your sunglasses or your hat. Fix it yourself because if it is not you, then who else will be?

5. Look back, baby! …because why not?

6. Background matters darling. Choose a good background. Beaches, walls, sky, buildings, etc add up style and give life of the lifeless photo in general.

7. Pretend as if you are walking in slow mo. Pretend to be in a movie slaying the slow mo drama. Trust me, it almost always ends up with a candid shot!

8. Laugh/Smile your heartaches out. Laugh/Smile hard and wide because life is not always cries and tears.

9. Look innocent. Think as if you don't know how things work on Earth. "Parang siya, innocenting-inocenti na may feelings ka sa kanya."

10. YOLO. You Only Live Once so try to break some rules just like me in this picture. I entrust my life on a shaky rock that will surely fall if I'm not mindful of my balance. And oh, mr. lifeguard is yelling at me to come back up. And I am like, "kuya, wait for a while please!". #YOLO

11. I think I'm lost. ...lost in his eyes! Nah, kidding! Think as if you are in a forest and you don't know the right way back.

12.  Feeling like a superstar ...even if not, hahaha!

That’s it! I hope it helps.
How about you, what are your techniques? Let me know in the comment section below because I’d really  love to hear what works for you. To more amazing blogger poses, yeah?!

Sharing Kindness During Cebu Worldwide Instameet 15

All kids! Kids by age and kids by heart! (photo by @foureyedlaagan)

"Hitting two targets with just one stone." This is Cebu Worldwide Instameet 15 was all about - Outreach Activity and Instagrammers' Meetup.

Worldwide Instameet is bi-annual meetup event of Instagram users in order to connect and network with fellow users and participate in different activities related to a given theme. Instagrammers will have the chance to enjoy each other’s company, gain new friends and at the same time gather ideas and plans on what will be good and beneficial for the group.

The 15th Worldwide Instameet was held last March 26, 2017 at Brgy. Luz's Barangay Hall in Cebu City. It was organized by the Cebu Instagram Community. The event’s theme correlated the act of sharing kindness to the little children living in the said barangay.

It was my first time to join this. I never knew this existed until one blogger friend of mine shared the details to his wall. Upon reading the event description, I got interested so I signed up. It was perfect on my schedule as well because the date fell on a weekend, my rest day from corporate work. Few days before the event, the organizing team were looking for some volunteers in order to provide assistance on the actual day. You know me, yes, I volunteered myself. Volunteering is one of my ways not to get intimidated or feel awkward especially that this was my first time. The act of volunteerism gave me the feeling of "belongingness" to the group.

On the day of the event, my journey going to the venue was very funny and a little awkward, too. I almost wanted to go home because I was lost literally, lol! I’m not very good nor a master of directions and places of Cebu. Instead of going to the Barangay hall, I went straight to the school because that was the only place I was familiar with. It took me almost 15 minutes before finally able to hit the right place. Thanks to my friends who picked me (Iji and Ciji).

I saw many little, innocent kids as I entered the venue. I’ve never seen such plenty of kids for 5 years already. I guess that’s what happens when you plant your butt in the office and at home, hehe. Moving on, we started the program for the kids. We threw games to them that they surely enjoyed namely “Don’t Break the Fita”, “Heep Heep, Hooray!” and “Paint Me a Picture”. Through these, they’re able to work as a team and gave their best strategies to win…which are really good. We also provided them goodies as prizes. With the help and kindness of our sponsor, we were able to give them free lunch. Yay!

After the kids' activities, it’s time for the grown ups – us! Yay! We gathered a circle and started the getting-to-know each other session. Some of the instagrammers were already my friends (but not close though), some I just met online through social media and some I didn't know. We introduced ourselves and state a sentence or two about what we’re doing in life. The group was composed of bloggers, developers, entrepreneurs and more. Very cool because there’s a diversity of individuals at that time. We also ate together in one big table just like one big happy family and continued on discussing, might as well chitchatting, about our daily lives, activities and future plans.

This is one of the memorable events I have attended to so far because I met and greeted really lots of kids approximately 50 of them.  I was happy to see such innocent faces because I could think of my childhood days. I was once like them - innocent and vulnerable. Apart from that, I was able to gain new cool friends and got to talk a little bit of their life – work, likes and plans.

Yay, new friends! Follow us and we'll followback :)

Thanks to our generous sponsor - Virginia Food Inc. and Virginia Premium Hotdog for making this event possible. Thanks as well to Christopher John and the rest of the team for spearheading. Until next time, see you guys!

Michel’s Bistro: My New Favorite Place to Chill And Eat

Michel's Bistro, the newest restaurant located at G/F Skyrise 1, IT Park Cebu is now officially open! At a very reasonable price, you can enjoy exceptionally delicious and properly cooked foods as well as savory drinks served with great care in a very comfortable place.

Here are top 5 main reasons why I love this place:

1. Great foods and drinks
At a reasonable price, you can choose a variety of foods and drinks that you will surely love. Paella Seafood Pasta, Paella Valenciana and Pork Stroganoff are extremely my favorites.
If you want to sip a glass of wine or any of your favorite drinks, this is a perfect place for you as well!

2. Comfortable ambiance
The place is very clean, cold and elegant. The lighting is of blue shade which makes it so cool.

3. Party rockin' rest room
This is my most favorite part of the restaurant. There is a speaker in the rest room! When I was inside, I felt like I was having a private concert. Headbang here, headbang there, headbang everywhere. Sometimes, I intentionally went to the rest room not to pee but to re-charge and feel energize with the music inside.

4. Smiling staff
The staffs are very friendly. They make sure to cater your needs. They smile to the customer as well. I like it so much especially that I am a “feeling-close” (sometimes) kind of person.

5. Accessible location
The location is reachable because it is located in G/F Skyrise 1, IT Park Cebu. Whether you are from Fuente, Ayala or Talamban, there are accessible one-call-away jeepneys. If you have your personal car, there are parking lots as well. Just prepare 50 pesos for the fee.

Indulge goodness and yumminess in Michel's Bistro. Their foods, drinks, staff, place and price are definitely check na check! Barato na, layshoo pa!
Will definitely go back here every now and then.

Doing the #MichelsPose

Female IT Engineer: That’s Me!

I am an IT Engineer at CROFTi, the techy young lady you wish your one-call-away friend, charr! Baga rah, hahaha!
Well, a lot have asked me lately about where am I working now? What do I do? ... and many more. This post is to answer those questions. I cannot guarantee that I will cover "all" but I hope I hit the important points. Please note that this post contains techy words. I tried my best to make them simpler through integrating them in relevant words and sentences that will be easily understood. I hope I did well. :)

CROFTi is an Australian-based company that specializes in delivering Innovation and technology consulting with business focused outcomes for firms and organization. As a broad and fully integrated company, we offer an array of solutions ranging from IT consulting, IT help-desk support, technical implementation and offshoring teams. And yes, I am one of the people who are responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of IT and computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers.

In simple terms, we offer IT support/service to our clients. Our service include Unlimited IT Support (UIT) , which best means “Ask us whatever IT issues you have and we’ll fix it for you. Request us any IT-related setup/stuff and we’ll have that configured for you. Any time of the day, all year round!” May it be local IT requests, email deliverability and monitoring, web hosting and migrations, server setup and maintenance and much more. Think of it this way, if you are an administrator of your computer who can tweak every configuration in your device, then I am your ninja spirit that can do so much more unimaginable things on your computer and your network. ~wink~ And as usual, I am with my boys squad. Yeah, the only techy-lady in my team and I find it  so amazing! We also have other ladies in the team and they are on project management.

I started working here last March 20, 2017. That is just merely three weeks as to this writing and yet all I can say is “working here is one of the best decisions I made in my life this year”. I find it so amazing that with that small span of time, I am able to learn tons of new IT knowledge, helped lots of users with IT issues, and configured settings I never imagined before. I am happy onboard! It is good to think that I am part of something larger who makes a difference.

I find myself excited every day to come to the office and exert my best when it comes to my responsibilities. I am challenged everyday! It is very nice to work in an environment wherein everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other and I find that kind of spirit here.
Not only that, people here are absolutely amazing! Though we are of different races and cultures, everyone is still helpful and supportive. We have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. I am able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself.

Communication within the team is convenient. If I want to talk to any of my teammate, I can do that because we work on the same shift with very slight difference.
It is so fulfilling having great colleagues everyday who assist me in times of doubt, appreciate the work that I do and also pat as well as thank me for the hard work at the end of the day. Every day is different and it is a constant adventure here. My job challenges me in different ways. I love it! Cheers to more greatness and challenges!

Alumni Scholars’ Summer Outing At North Sky Beach Resort, Sogod Cebu

“Best place with best people equals awesome experience.”

This quote sums up my whole experience during our summer getaway at North Sky Beach Resort.
As one of the lucky scholars of a French organization during college, I and my co-scholars were molded and sculpted under three core values, namely Solidarity, Trust and Responsibility. During that chapter of our journey, our lives solely revolved on these values. We have that “all for one, one for all” kind of spirit in our veins, a solid trademark that mostly every one of us possesses. I’m so happy to say that until now we are still firm. Even if couple of years have already passed since our graduation, we remain one big happy alumni family up to this moment. Our core values are still present. In fact, our solidarity value has been properly observed during this year’s summer outing and I’m so glad about it.

It is our tradition to celebrate summer as one alumni family. This is a perfect time to catch up with everyone’s life updates, career chikkas, future plans, life detours, lovelife and many more. We celebrate our alumni summer outing at North Sky Beach Resort in Sogod. This is located at the Northern part of Cebu and is really beautiful, you will surely love.

Before that magical day, the alumni officers had been planning rigorously for a complete itinerary as well as task list so that everything would be smooth and calm. I’m glad that others cooperated and took charge of particular responsibilities.

Why do we choose this resort?

North Sky Beach Resort is wide, green and lovely as it is. Just impeccably perfect for team bonding activities. When I set foot at the entrance gate, I know right there at that moment that this place suits best to our getaway. Entrance Fee is very affordable at 90 pesos for day use per person. Compared to other resorts that require you to pay thousands of pesos, this one is different. Though if you stay here overnight, there’ll be an additional fee but it is not that as big as compared to others. Maybe because this place is kind of away from the city or maybe because the owner is just that generous? Either way, that’s a good news and definitely likable! There’s no corkage as well if you’ll bring food from outside, that’s very customer friendly, you see!

By the way, just be patient about the transportation going to this place because it will take you around 2-3 hours to get there if you are in Cebu City. It is better to leave early so that there’ll be no heavy traffic along the way. In our case, we meet at North Bus Terminal at 7AM then ride a bus going to the resort for a fare of less than a hundred pesos. We arrive at around 9:30AM to our destination.

The resort has:

1) Beach Gazebo
This is a great and convenient place to stay in for a day to enjoy with your family or friends. It is equipped with comfortable seating and a center table for food and drinks.

2) Grill House
A grill with running water is free of charge. It is a great place to barbecue meats, seafood or other food that needs grilling.

3) Pool
For those who prefer to enjoy the beach environment without dipping into the sea, a slide and swimming pools for kids and adults are available.

What are the activities we do?

1) Team building games – As an in-charge of this, I make sure to choose those games that will surely tighten our bond even more. Especially that there are new alumni joining, games that incorporate interaction to the group, strategy and enjoyment must come along. Human Binggo, Group Cheer, Nips Transfer and Lemonsito Transmission are the chosen games and they are very fun! Seems all of us are near to dying the moment of our participation of these. Laughter here, laughter there, laughters everywhere! Kabuang here, kabuang there, kabuang everywhere! Hahaha.

Nips candy transfer. Make sure not to drop them eh!

2) Photobooth and Photoshoot – Shout out of many “Thank you’s” to Claire Ann for making a photobooth during this event. She’s the artist of our batch and she makes a good job when it comes to executing fancy stuff like this. By the way, the tarpaulin is made by yours truly (charr!). Printing it is a struggle on my part because I'm late. There are10 tarpaulains on queue to be printed before mine. I panick gosh, because I need it to be printed right away. Luckily, my charisma has been used against the printer operator and he prioritizes my request. Hahaha aja! Just have to be super feeling close at needy times like this, throw jokes he can relate, talk about stuff he knows and then puff I get what I come for, the printed tarpaulin! Hahaha, thank you bongga!

Thank you as well to our official photographer Kevin Olores for my fun photoshoot on this day. I love it and will surely create a separate blog post about that!

Brothers and sister for better or worst. Yay!

3) Lots and lots of eating – By this, I mean eating with no limit! Cheat day for those on diet! Fruits, meat, dessert, snacks, chips and many more you may put that on your plate. There’s no corkage in the resort so we bring foods that we love, lol.

The fruit ninjas!

4) Swimming – Clear and cold water in the swimming pool. Who can say no to that on a sunny, hot day?! Everybody is enjoying plus playing ball game on the water is a hundred times entertaining and drolling. Our kid spirit has also been channeled through the pool’s water slide.

Our wacky divers, hahaha!

Thank you to all the people who participate and make this summer getaway a memorable and happy one. Another entry to our happy thoughts! Here is a video compilation in the pool area. See you on our next gathering!

Thanks to North Sky Beach Resort for offering us the picture-perfect venue for this summer getaway.

Dramatic Whisper About GET OUT Movie

Get Out movie has just been released in Cinemas. This is an American comedy horror film written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Lakeith Stanfield and Catherine Keener, and follows a young interracial couple who visit the mysterious estate of the woman's parents.

My friends and I really love this obviously. As a matter of fact, our feet get so itchy that we certainly allocate a time to watch the last full show at Ayala Cinema. The movie’s trailer also captivates me in a way that I want to find all the answers of the mystery circulating on.

I am literally in awe after watching it. The movie is so darn good! And because of that, here is my dramatic whispers regarding it:

1. I wish I have the skills same as leading lady in the movie in which I can alter who I really am. I can choose to be innocent or fierce anytime if I want to. But, sadly I don’t have. I just can’t do that.

2. Sometimes, when I go home, I tend to get very excited because I think of my dog patiently and eagerly waiting for me just like Daniel’s dog waiting for him. But so sad, I don’t have a real dog. I just have a fake huggable one.

3. “I love you no matter what you are.” You made me feel this deeply in the first part of our story, but you change. You lied in the end.

4. I wish my bestfriend still thinks of me or notices my absence if I’m not around messing with  everything. I miss her so much already. So sad we both have busy lives.

5. Yes, you can alter my brain and put any stuff you want in it, but No, you cannot change the real me. So back off!

6. No matter how the situation hurts you, how dark it gets, how hard on you part… you are never out of the fight because you are made to endure them all. Please remember that. Your Accessible Key Towards Employment

“I am writing this blog post in order to help job seekers and employers.”

It is graduation season again. Congratulations to all the graduates! A firm and proud pat on the shoulder to all of you for making it through the years despite all the challenges and hardships. The fruit of all the labors is already on hand. Take it, loud and proud! Welcome to the real world… and welcome to the world of unemployment. Wait, what?!

Yes you heard it right. Most of us when we graduate, the following day right after the graduation, we become automatic members to the “unemployed” squad. Unless you are the lucky chosen one who got accepted in the company of your internship or if you have backers out there willing to endorse you to the companies. But for those who are solo, don’t fret. No worries because there’s good news. is here to help you.

If you are also an existing employee and willing to venture more in the field of your career or much more than that, then this is also helpful to you. There is, thankfully.

If you are an employer seeking for potential employees out there, then is for you. is local jobsite that helps everyone specifically with employment or careers. It offers opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. It helps you apply for the right job or discover the right people fit for your job. Any job you can think of is here whether its about health, government or engineering. It is made to help applicants get their dream job including the fresh graduates as well as to aid employers in finding best people that best fit in the job being offered.

I am an applicant, what will I do?

Simple. You just have to follow these easy three steps!

1. Create an Account or Login if you already have an account. Go to and fill in all necessary information.

2. Browse your dream job or dream company. Choose a Job or a Company of your preference. Select in the encircled menu.

3. Apply the job.

I am an employer, where do I’ll go?

Simple. You just have to follow these easy three steps to find amazing people fit for your job!

1. Create an Account or Login if you already have an account. Open and fill in all necessary information.

2. Post details of your company and the jobs you offer.

3. Search for potential applicants.

That is easy-peazy as one, two, three! Increase your chances of grabbing your dream job. Or if you are an employer, increase the chances of hiring qualified people.

Let the search begin. Happy hunting everyone! Use as a portal to your dreams. Get connected today!

Experience A Best Summer Adventure at JPark Waterpark and Resort Cebu

As I put the sunblock all over my legs and shoulders, I feel the gentle hot wind slowly blowing my dark, messy hair. The sun tenderly bathes my brown skin, while the soft white and golden sand calmly caresses my tired feet. Moderate waves singing to a perfect rhythm of swimmers' laughters and smiles. Yes, it's summer and I am at the beach! 

“Good times and tan lines”, my favorite line when talking about summer. Yes, it is summer! I’m super excited to know where you want to go and what activities you want to do in this happiest season of the year. If you haven’t think of it yet, then continue reading on because I will share to you my best yet summer experience for this year.

“I go to JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu! I am totally inlove with the place, the activies and the people!” :)

JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu is a well-known resort destination in Cebu Philippines. Whether you are solo  or with friends and family, the resort has really bunch to offer. Food, service, environment, rides, tour and more to offer to you. Almost all of my workmates have been here already except me. Luckily, I am finally able to tick this  off from my bucketlist item because I get to experience its beauty and charm. What’s more happy is, I am with my millennial friends. Basically, I can be who I really am when I am with them.

Activities and adventures I take:

1)      Chill and relax in the gigantic lobby. Unlike any other lobby, this is actually an open area, meaning it is not air-conditioned, and I liked it so much! I can grasp all the fresh air I needed in my lungs and life, haha. Plus, the really captivating chandeliers catch my attention.

2)      Tour the resort. The resort is really huge. Prepare to be amazed!

3)      Swim like a free fish in Amazon River. This is my most favorite part of the resort. I can stay here all day if I want to! This is a circular pool wherein the water’s current will just carry you round and round even when not moving and just lying on the lifebuoy (a.k.a salbabida). The colorful figures beside the pool just add happiness to my lonely during this adventure.


4)      Lay on bench and beach. One of the many things I want this summer. All the life problems seem to evacuate from my brain at this moment.

Pak ganern!

5)      Eat all I can during buffet lunch. Meat, vegetables, desserts, sushies, pizzas or any food at your choice, go grab them!

6)      Going intense with water rides. This is also my favorite. I can’t explain the feelings during these. All I can say is that this is crazily fun and intense.

7)      Fast and furious Go Kart driving. Releasing the child spirit in me. I don’t really know how to drive motorcycles and bicycles. I am very happy to finally able to taste the feeling of being a driver through this ride.

Happy riders! (Photo by Carlo)

First Ever TECH LADIES Event in the Philippines

Unlike long time ago where women were just servants to men, women nowadays in almost ¾ of the world now possess equal rights to men. Gone are the days where women’s tasks are limited only to household chores and taking care of the children in the family. Thanks to the people who fought for women gender equality and pushed movements/activities letting the whole world know that women, just like men, are far more than any of that!

One of the great worth-mentioning communities that support and inspire women is Tech Ladies. This is a community for women that originated in Asia with a purpose to connect, learn, and advance women as programmers in the tech industry.

Tech Ladies is blossoming in Southeast Asia countries but not yet present in the Philippines. So, a group of independent techy women in Cebu wanted the community be expanded in the country. Thus, the birth of the the first ever Tech Ladies event in the Philippines that was held in Cebu City last February 24, 2017 at A Space Cebu.  The event encompassed lightning talks and networking over drinks. The main goal of the activity focused on motivating and supporting local women techmakers strive more for excellence and merit. It was a fun-filled getting to know session, great sharing of life struggles and creative gathering for women in Cebu.

What are the activities?
Games – By this, I really mean fun games! We wanted all women to be friends with each other and this is one way to achieve that. “The boat is sinking” game was very amusing. Through this, attendee’s talents that ranged from dancing, singing to beatboxing were flaunted and showcased in the open.
Motivational Talk for Women – There were three women speakers in the tech world who delivered very inspirational messages conveying the thought that women can be anything despite of struggles and challenges along the way.

Why did I join this?
I was a beginner programmer before I switched to System Administration kind of profession. I am an absolute supporter when it comes to women’s activities and improvement. Meeting new friends, listening to their unique life stories and learning a lesson or two are basically one of my 'wants' at this current stage of my life. I also believe that there’s more unimaginable things we can do.

This event is organized by independent women in tech volunteers in Cebu and our community partner A SPACE. Additional thanks go to our sponsors HappyWebs and Third Team Media.

A Letter To My 23-Year-Old Self On International Women’s Day

March is the month to commemorate International Women’s Day. To be exact, it is March 8 of every year. What does it mean and why I decided to write this letter?

What is International Women’s Day?
International Women’s Day is a celebration of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Its first modern celebration was held in 1914, on March 8. The day was declared as national holiday in the Soviet Union in 1917. It was mostly celebrated by socialists and communist countries until UN adopted it. (Based on my research.)

Why am I writing this letter?
I am writing this letter to let me know that I have not forgotten myself especially on this month of commemoration for women. At this young age, I’ve been through convenient and difficult times of life that I never imagined before. So, this letter is for me because I reckon I deserve to be acknowledged on this day.

Aside from that, I write this with a hope to raise awareness and encourage other people like you, the one reading this, to construct something about yourself and for yourself because if it is not you, who else would do that?

Lastly, I write this so that I can have something to read, smile or even frown when I am older than 23. Especially that few sleep from now, that numeral figure will be a whole lot different even number soon.

Dear 23-year-old Emelie,

Hey, you! Ugh, I can’t believe you are twenty-three years old by now. It seems you are just seventeen years old this morning. How are you doing? I notice you have a very hectic schedule lately. Please don’t forget to pause and have a little break every once in a while.

I write this letter because I have a weekly blog assignment to do, hahaha. Just kidding! I write this letter to let you know that you deserve a message like this. You are entitled to where you are currently. You are loved since from the very beginning of your life's journey until your physical departure from Earth. I recognize all your determination and struggles. You are special and I am proud of you, girl! Please continue to amaze me.

You are an angel sent from above.
Do you remember your parents' love story? That same old, adorable and ultimate love story that your mother used to tell for nth times when you were a kid?  How the gods favored their love amidst all the odds and trials? You see, you are a love baby made sacredly on that one cold evening (or day) of August 1992.
You are loved bountifully and unconditionally by your parents and so are your siblings. Please remember that when you feel empty, lonely and abandoned. You have their shoulders to lean on and ears to whisper to.

You are determined and passionate on what you do.
Though you haven’t gotten out totally from your shell before (or even until now), “Small but Terrible” that’s what you are. From carrying 12 kilograms worth of books, notebooks and other school supplies daily in elementary days to dreadful sleepless college nights due to your #goodstudent goals of perfecting every single holy exam at school and passing the scholarship's expectations from you.
From a total alien with zero knowledge anything about computer to this point wherein you manage and troubleshoot corporate computers/servers.

You are a fighter and a fast learner.
Those alone moments in your room that feels like forever and literally have no one to talk to. You become independent!
That time when you passed the screenings of many companies and caught up confuse on what to choose. It was hard, really confusing. But then, that inner quality of you of being resilient and a little bit undecided (lol) immersed. You chose what’s near to your heart and best for you. In that way, your skills were honed. You grow as a reliable individual in almost every aspect of work that you do. Your passion for learning and pushing your limits to exceed have helped you a lot especially now. Please continue to outshine!

You are a risk taker and an opportunity chaser.
I will never forget that time you voted yourself to be one of the officers of your particular organization (#bagagFace). How could you do that? Luckily, the people supported your advocacy (lucky jud). I salute the courage, hahaha!
That time also when you raised your hand, like Katniss Everdeen, to be one of the pioneer volunteers for one of Cebu's local technology organization (feeling celebrity). That was very challenging yet very fulfilling now! And all other events and activities you’ve been into; including those future ones (fingers-crossed).
You got it girl, keep moving forward as long as you know you are enjoying the fruits of what you're doing.

You need to take care of your health.
Like seriously! Health is wealth. I know you are very hesitant when it comes to alcoholic drinks, that's good! But come on, you can drink some or even go to parties. Just do it moderately and don’t do what everyone else is doing, you know.
Exercise as well. And by that, I mean you should start your Fitness and Fashion blog in mind right now! (Soon!)

You heart configuration is deadly. Please watchout!
Heartbreaks are normal in your life. When you love, you have the tendency to give it all at once in the open. You bare everything. Some people whom you have offered your love, your everything will probably not need it. As a result, you will doubt yourself. You will feel useless and stupid. So the next time if you are gonna you do it, choose the deserving people. Don’t forget to reserve some love for yourself.
Remember: You are worth it needless of what others say.

You are a dreamer and unique specie.
This particular journey that you have is totally different from others. What others are doing can bring them joy and happiness. What you are doing can also bring you joy and happiness, well with a little amount of struggles. Don’t be afraid to follow what you want. Whenever you hear others say that you got an impossible dream, nope, listen to your inner voice because it is possible! Just remember to be back on track after your life detours.

Yourself :*

Healthy Filipino Foods at Hikay Restaurant

It has been few weeks now and I have been thinking to include “Fitness” as one of the niches to focus in my blog. Why do I choose that? Well, it is because I am thinking of its good and long-term effect on my being and other people as a whole (those who follow my blog). With that in mind, I am slowly starting to write posts relating to “Fitness”. In this post, I will not tackle about workouts/exercises yet. I will first talk about healthy food options to try in Cebu City. Foods that have good effect to the fitness and wellness of our body.

Another Filipino restaurant in Cebu City that I definitely love is HIKAY. This place is perfect for ‘food celebrations’ of any occasion as what the name translates in English. Dine with your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else in this polished food place and be prepared to have your taste buds puffed with the healthy and delightful cuisine they serve. They offer unlimited rice so have your tummy ready, just watch out for possible excess carbs you may take in.
They have two store branches that I know. One is located in Calyx Building at IT Park and the other is in 3rd Floor of SM City Mabolo.

Together with my friends, we tried dining in SM City branch few days ago. The place is so elegant with beautiful lights scheme and interior design. I also like the attractive hand wash area and the cozy toilet.

Each of the staff is friendly to me and they make sure to cater all my needs when dining. We even ate together with the site manager, Renz, in one table. He is super friendly.

Healthy foods I’ve eaten and why I love them:

1. Baked Scallops
Scallop is always one my favorite seafoods. Now this time, the yummy-buttery goodness of scallops that I have always been craving for has been served and boom, I dribble!
Vitamin B12 checked!

2. Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata is one of those that I always like to eat in the office working as a night shifter. Too bad stores offering this menu often closes during night time and I end up in fast foods. Crispy Pata in Hikay is tasty and crunchy. Thinking about the crisp and the protein it provides makes me a happy eater!

3. Kalderetang Kanding
I am never a fan of eating goat meat because of its smell. Guess what, I eat a few spoonful during this time because the meat was just exceptional. Yes there is still that little clingy smell but it is not as harsh same to those I tried before.
Low calorie, fat and cholesterol totals make me love goat meat in Hikay.

4. Adobo Pusit
Luscious squid in a platter is literally heaven in my eyes. Oh, so yummy!
B vitamins and iron checked!

5. Sotanghon Guisado
Think about that sotanghon guisado cooked by your mom only with a little twist. Yes, that is this menu all about. Carb the body up in preparation for our workouts soon!

6. Halang na Saang
I really have an unforgettable experience when it comes to eating meat of saang or “spider shell” in English. The feeling of eating thick rubber bands before was hilarious. That’s why I kind of hesitate to taste this menu. Luckily, Hikay’s saang meat is not same as what I tasted before. The meat is just easy to chew and I have nothing to worry about detachment issues of my braces’ bracket, lol!
Protein checked in this menu!

7. Manok Tinola
As soon as I taste this, I automatically remember my bukid life. Fresh bisayang manok tinola. No ouncy fatty oils just meaty chicken loaded with papaya and green leafy vegies with protein.

Juicy and sweet fish meat paired with sliced tomatoes is just so healthy. Omega vitamins checked!

9. Dessert: Fried Ice Cream Vanila, Cassava Cake, Biko with Latik and Leche Flan


Happy faces. Full tummies.

Of all these foods, what do you want to eat right now?